Cloud Based School Management ERP System.

App that Rewards and Make Communication Seamless among Student and School Management.

Let us tell you a story about Kartavya. He used to communicate with School Management using different Mode of Communication i.e. WhatsApp, Call, Email, etc

Since these modes of communication proved to be callous without generating proper environment for learning, Kartavya lost interest and it became harder for school to manage students like Kartavya.

OSS to the rescue – Having seen such dishearted traction towards studies, schools decided to bring OurSmartSchool OSS’ to the rescue.

OSS is an epitome of learning experience. Having the most appealing UI with distinctive features like Rewards, which can be redeemed in form of coupons, made Kartavya an avid learner.

And his interest has just started and increasing as he spends more time on OSS..

“Bring OSS to School, that motivates students, engages them, rewards them. Pushes them to use more and Learn More. Make students better learners.”


Student Managment

Communication Management

Bazaar Managament

Mobile App and Web Login Portal

Staff Managment

Online Quiz & Question Bank

Reward Management

Bus Tracking & Many More

How OSS & its Rewarding Works?


Let us say Pratham participates in an Online School Test. For participation in the quiz, he gets 10 OSS Coins and if he secures 1st rank, he would get 20 more OSS Coins, which he can later use to get Coupons and Rewards.

School Onboard

Get your School onboarded on OSS within no time

Earn Coins


Students earn Coins for their Activity on Platform

Redeem Coins

Students Redeem Coins to get Rewarded on various Platform


OSS is a client based ERP Platform meant for School management.

It is a platform that allows students to get rewarded for the Regular use of App. Rewards would be the in the form OSS Coins.

These Coins may be used to get different offers on different platform in the form of Coupons and Free access to different well known Platforms.

OSS offers following module.

  1.  Student and Staff Management

  2.  Online Quiz & Question Bank

  3.  Mobile and Web Login Portal

  4.  Communication Management

  5.  Reward Management

  6.  Bazaar Managament

  7.  And Many More

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